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Eat With The Right Foods….I cant promise, but I’ll try

Hey all, Ive heard a lot about food combining in order to keep your body alkaline.  What does that mean, basically alkaline pH increases the amount of oxygen in your blood, thus preventing diseases.  Yes, lack of oxygen in your blood causes disease….Soo:

Alkaline=Increased Oxygen=Good Health

Acidic=Decreased Oxygen=Bad Health

And not just “Bad Health” literally either, this can mean decreased concentration, fatigue and lack of energy, to name a few.  Ive done my research on different food combination charts and I was led to 3 very good ones, but I didn’t want to post each of them individually for you to sort out…. So, I did it for you! Check it out here.  Tell me if you’ve heard different or if you have any valuable advise others can benefit from ❤

Love, Peace and Heath


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