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Acid Reflux…No Thank You!

Ive never personally dealt with this particular problem, but I know many who do. As I’ve stated before ACV (apple cider vinegar) is an amazing fermented beverage.  It can be used to make pickles, kill weeds, clean coffee maker, dress a salad, clears your skin, helps with obesity and diabetes, and it is also an aliment to acid reflux or medically known as GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) amongst other things.  Apparently in acid reflux, your stomach isn’t producing enough acid to properly do its’ job thus throwing off the PH.  So now your stomach has to work extra hard to digest something with very little acid.  This over-exertion builds up pressure, and back flows the current acid up the esophagus…..shame on them for not telling us this!! So obviously the AVC gives the gut the amount of acid needed to effectively do it’s job and normalize the PH…..issue resolved!! I love this…knowing how, why and what to do about it MYSELF!  I generally take 1 TBSP daily as soon as I wake up, followed by room-temp lemon water…my body thanks me every morning:-)  So please check out Skeptics Stack Exchange and Heal Thyself and tell me whats your thoughts or experiences are.


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