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Make Your Kidneys and Liver Smile

Health is wealth people!  Let me hear you say it… HEALTH IS WEALTH!  This parsley tea is all that and a bag of salt-n-vinegar chips (my personal favorite).  I drank this to have clearer skin, but it detoxes your kidneys and liver as well….NICE!  I think our filtration center could use that considering all the toxins we consumed on a daily basis, both directly and indirectly. I would highly recommend using the flat parsley as opposed to the curly parsley if you want to cut down on the bitterness! I like it plain, but it doesn’t hurt to add a lil bit of raw honey to sweeten it up a bit 🙂  Enjoy

Flat Italian Parsley
Flat Italian Parsley
Curley Parsley
Curley Parsley









2 thoughts on “Make Your Kidneys and Liver Smile

    1. If you are using loose leaf dried parsley, you need about 1 teaspoon per person and one extra one for the pot. When using fresh parsley, I use about 1/4 of a cup, chopped for a pot. ~F~

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