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Sick And Tired Of Being SICK!

This season (spring) can fool you if you let it.  One day its in the 70’s the next day its in the 40’s, then in the 60’s and back down to the 30’s.  Crazy right…yeah I know!  Just when you think the coast is clear, you come out in your most “spring-like” attire…showin’ some skin 😉  Then BAM, it hits you…the following week you get the sniffles, sore throat, congestion and maybe even body aches!  Have no fear the Master Tonic is here!  I can vouch for this lovely concoction and so can my boyfriend…I tell you this knocked the cold (or whatever) right out of our system and we were feeling better in no time, like the next day! Seriously, this is known as an anti-plague tonic that gets rid of the common cold, flu viruses and any other disease of mankind :-0

Its as easy as…


















and Done!
and Done!










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