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Things That Make You Go…HMMM

If you weren’t in the know, well you are now! Take a look at this..Im so happy I came across it!! Ive never been the sickly type, and now that Im a pescatarian  (mostly vegetarian) I hardly EVER get sick and if I do, I have a nicely made home remedy 🙂 But this is more than about which “arian” you fall into, this is about the ultimate plan looking from all realms …really gives you something to think about, so I certainly hope this provokes thought for you.  If not, maybe you should watch the video again!  This video is about 9min long, but if you have the time to hear the doctor out…I guarantee it will be worth your time!  I would love to hear your input afterwards, so please comment or repost to promote FREE THINKING!


8 thoughts on “Things That Make You Go…HMMM

    1. There really is, unfortunately sometimes difficult to obtain. That’s why its good to question things, question beliefs, question the majority….because when you question, those lead to more questions, and the deeper you dig you come closer to the truth! That’s another reason why Im doing this blog…is to help provoke thought 🙂

      1. This is very good.  You know that your mama questions, questions and then question some more. 




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