Life's Philosophy

Mondays ARE Beautiful!!

There is so much wrong going on in the world today, but what’s going right with you? To keep this short and sweet…if you want love you have to give love, if you want respect you you must give respect, if you want honesty….well I think you get the point.  If you want positive things to happen in your life, give off positive energy!  This isn’t the easiest task to accomplish, because we all have the tendency to point the finger at someone else, when we should be pointing the finger to ourselves   images  (one finger pointing at you, three pointing back at ME).  So open that door for a stranger, smile and say good morning to your neighbor, help the lady down the stairs with the stroller…so many things we could do and it doesn’t cost a dime.  So here’s to a B.  E.  A Utiful Monday Morning!


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