Raw & Health

The Troubles of A Vegetarian…

After doing some research for a friend of mine, I came across some great info that I’d like to share with you!  So basically my friend tried to be vegetarian, but her body felt deprived of certain nutrients. She noticed she felt tired, sickly and malnourished so she began to eat meat again, and felt better….This got me wondering, as a mostly vegetarian/rawtarian (because I eat fish as well, but hardly), what veggies could I eat to get more protein and what veggies should I eat cooked verses raw to get the most nutritional value. Very thankful that I did…I found some great info that is not only useful to you, but to me as well!  Now, here it is for you…so take and look and tell me what you think, then tell me what ails you 🙂




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