Raw & Health

Is This Really Food?

This is so simple, but why do we make it difficult for ourselves? Just eat “real” food!  Isn’t it disgusting how there is an alternative to “real food“?  images  Anyway, the less people involved in the process the better…too many chefs in the kitchen, spoil the food..know what I mean?  I think thats why we have health issues, because of processed food…the process of adding additives so it can last longer, the process of making things sweeter so it will taste better, the process of bleaching things to make them whiter (yes I said bleaching and yes Im referring to food) :-/  I like this article, because It provokes thought and makes  me even more determined to be self-sufficient.  Truth be told you undoubtedly know whats in your food when you make it, and thats much easier to do than trying to figure out what Thiamin Mononitrate really is!…Anyhoo, enjoy and share your thoughts!


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