Oily Skin/Dry Skin? Doesn’t Matter, Oil Cleanse!

I was a little hesitant with this DIY project, because if my face in already oily why would I cleanse with oil?  Oil cleansing, is a process where you clean your face with oil, using different combinations of oil to suit your type.  Apparently, commercial products lather and strip oil from our skin.  “Each time we strip the oil away, our skin over-compensates for the lack of moisture by creating more oil“.  Not only that, but commercial products also have fragrances and toxins, that have been linked to causing cancer and other health problems.  When you apply, consume, or inhale these toxins thoughout the years…the toxins build up in your body and prevents the performance of healing.  Thus causing all kinds of health problems. Then we get pumped full of prescribed or over the counter drugs..that add even more chemicals in your body, causing side effects….and the cycle goes on.  You get it right?  The more “unnatural” things we consume, inhale or apply = more chemicals in our body = less performance for our body to fight off disease = Cancer, Diabetes, Acne, Infections, Hypertension, Arthritis. Listen to your body..headaches, joint pain, stomach pain, bad breath, just to name a few, are symptoms…your body is trying to relay a message to you, and you should be able to figure out what your body needs (or not), to support the healing process and prevent disease. Sorry, I digress…back to oil cleansing :-). I oil cleanse every morning religiously!  I began with the combination skin recipe, and realized recently the oily skin recipe works best for me.  So my morning cleansing regimen is to oil cleanse, apply the cucumber/honey toner and end with a refreshing spray of my rose water.  Mornings have never felt better!


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