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The Season To Be A Vegan

Generally I steer away from Vegan restaurants, because I got it in my head that soy is bad for you.  Ive read various topics on soy-based products, and how it causes a hormonal imbalance…Ive even seen soy listed as a GMO (genetically modified organism).  Then my future hubby said he saw an advertisement on Facebook about this new Vegan restaurant in Harlem.  So we decided to go…and let me tell you, Im so happy that I did!  As we walked in I felt this cool, comfortable vibe that was very welcoming, then I received a warm welcome by the hostess and our waiter.   The waiter was very informed about the food and how its made.  When asked if the “fish” dish and/or “chicken” dish was made from soy, he stated “Yes, but it’s fermented soy.  That type of soy is healthier for you than the unfermented soy, actually the unfermented soy is really bad for you.”  Right then, I was like “Oh! fermented soy?”  Haven’t heard that one, so then of course I did my research and found many benefits of fermented soy  on how it eases the absorptions of nutrients. So check this place out, they have good food, a good vide and they even have RAW DESSERTS…you know right there, I fell in love ❤

Seasoned Vegan

55 St Nicholas Ave, NY, NY 10026

(b/t 113th St & 112 St) Harlem
















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