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Make Water Less Boring!

It’s getting hotter out and you need to keep hydrated! Believe it or not some people don’t like to drink water, as much as our body needs it to flush all the toxins out and to keep everything functioning properly! Perhaps infusing the water is the answer…infusion is the process of adding fruits, herbs, or flowers to not only give the water flavor, but adds essential vitamins to help our body.  Help in what way you ask?  Fruit infused water helps to prevent dehydration, provides essential vitamins and nutrients without having to consume high fructose corn syrup/preservatives/sodium or refined sugars, gives you natural energy, helps to regulate blood sugar, helps to manage your weight and its cost friendly!!  Here’s a few recipes to get you started and the glass infuser bottle I use 🙂










Use the left over fruit in a smoothie 🙂


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