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Something Smells “Fishy”

MozambiqueLgIve been hearing things as of late, but I just didn’t want to believe.  More and more things are coming out about Tilapia, some not so good things :-/  Yeah, so I kinda grew up on this fish and didn’t really suspect anything. Im sure you’ve all heard about Farm-raised fish and wild caught fish and how the latter is much better for you.  Im completely and totally convinced this is true, based on the latest research.  Farm-raised fish tend to be more affordable, so the cost necessarily isn’t in the pocket but rather your health.  Farmed-raised are contaminated with processed foods and have decreased Omega-3s due to its grain-fed diet, are usually farmed in polluted waters and because of this they are more subject to disease…in order to keep the disease from spreading, they are injected with antibiotics. Then we hit up the grocery store, buy this cost effective fish and consume all the contaminates they have…no thank you! This speaks to farm-raised vs wild caught…but lets speak specifically about Tilapia.  To think about it, Ive never heard of wild Tilapia…does it exist?  Well hybrids are found in Africa and Southeast Asia (feeds on algea), but the farm-raised Tilapia is more desired because the taste isn’t as “fishy” as others.  But here’s the problem…its been linked to causing more inflammation due to significantly high levels of omega-6 fatty acid.  Yes we need both omega-3 and omega 6, but it needs to be balanced.  Omega-3’s has anti-inflammatory properties and Omega-6 helps to repair body tissue, but too much of it (Tilapia has much higher levels of omega-6) has been known to exacerbate inflammation and contribute to Alzheimer’s disease.  On top of that you don’t even want to know whats found in some of the feed, but if you do…of course I have it here along with some other valuable information.  Perhaps the bad rap on Tilapia can be reversed if the standards for farm-raised Tilapia were applicable for consumer consumption…what do you think?


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