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Ear pain or infection? Try garlic!

Last week I had pain in my right ear practically all day and getting worse as the day went long. Upon waking the next morning, the left side of my face was tender to touch, my neck was sore and my left ear began to hurt.  The pain was getting so intense, I could barely tolerate air getting into the ear or even take a shower (anyone who’s had ear pain knows what Im talking about). Now you know me, I had to find a natural remedy to get rid of this and right away I remember having a client tell me about this oil and garlic mixture that got rid of her son’s ear infection when he was a baby….

Ingredients: Sesame oil and 1 clove of garlic chopped

– Place about 1-2 Tablespoon in a small pan with the chopped garlic and let it get warm-hot to touch.

– Use a dropper to retain the oil and placed 4 drops into the ear and let stay for 10 min, then repeat in other ear

– Repeat 3-4 x a day in BOTH ears


*Of course to keep the oil in the ear, lay on your side and I placed a cotton ball over the ear to maintain the warmth of the oil.  I used the same cotton ball to catch the oil when draining out of my ear*

Garlic never ceases to amaze me because it has natural properties that gives your body what it needs to heal itself!  See more of the benefits and contraindications from the NYU Medical Center


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