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Turmeric and Ginger Drink

unnamedJust came across this yummy drink recipe and of course I had to share it with none other than my HavF8th audience because of all the beautiful benefits!  So the main ingredients in the drink are turmeric and ginger….not as gross as your thinking!  Actually its quite a good mixture.  The spiciness of the ginger adds a warm, comforting sensation to your insides…something you’ll definitely need in the winter months coming up.  I added 2 cups more than whats recommended because Im a punk when it comes to the ginger, hehehe…had to dilute it a tab bit more.  Perhaps after its chilled it won’t be that bad 🙂  Anyways this is what you really want to know…the benefits:

Tumeric – anti-inflammatory, meaning it decreases the inflammation found in arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis..you get the gist..anything that has inflammation!!  It also decreases your risk of heart disease, lowers your cholesterol, protects against Alzheimer’s Disease, cancer prevention, inhibits cancer growth and increases the function of the liver!  Look here for more benefits!

Ginger:  Aids in digestion, reduces gas, HELLOO anti-inflammatory, helps with nausea, maintains normal blood circulation, prevents the cold and flu, and strengthens the immune system.  Not only this but so much more…check this out!

The tea only calls for ginger powder, turmeric powder, water and honey.  Cant get much simpler than that!  Stick with this and you might just make it this winter without illness!  Enjoy


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