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Parsley Tea For Weight Loss

Parsley is a herb that many people use in their kitchens on a daily basis. What you didn’t know was that it has wonderful weight loss magic powers.

It helps to release all the water that accumulates in the body, and in only a few days you will feel a whole lot lighter.

First off Parsley tea is not a brew used only for dieters. It is a mild diuretic that can help you, however, to jump start your diet and lose weight. Parsley tea helps to flush the system of excess fluid. It has been used for a long time to assist in weight loss in the body. Parsley tea is incredibly easy to make and makes a great addition to any diet plan.

For people cutting calories, vegetable broths and teas provide additional nutrients that they may be forgoing as they avoid certain foods. Parsley contains high amounts of potassium and vitamin A, as well as folate, calcium, vitamin C and phosphorus. It also contains a flavonoid known as quercetin.

This beneficial recipe is very simple: To 1 liter of boiling water add five tablespoons of chopped parsley. Allow the mixture to sit for 20 whole minutes, and then if desired, you can filter the tea or drink it with the parsley. Drink one liter a day for one full week. After only the third day, you will feel much lighter.

Source: Buy Non-GMO Seeds


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