Vegetarian & Vegan Recipes

Homemade Vegetarian Chili

This has been, by far, the best veggie chili I’ve ever made!  The seasoning for the most part is the usual, but perhaps it’s the fact that all of the veggies, and tomato sauce were fresh and nothing came from the can…yep nothing.  No tomato paste, no stewed tomatoes and no canned beans!  As a matter of fact do you know what BPA is?  Im sure most of you do…you know that chemical they say stay away from and the reason why you drink from clear plastic bottles rather than the cloudy ones, or perhaps you avoid plastic all together and go straight for the glass bottles!  Well, BPA stands for Bisphenol-A and its chemical used to coat the lining of cans and most plastic products. Whats even worse is acidic foods that are packaged in cans, because the acidity in the food pulls more of the BPA out from the can lining and goes right into the food, particularly canned tomatoes…whomp, whomp, whomp 😦  BPA has been linked to reproductive abnormalities, neurological effects, just to mention a few.  Still not convinced, check out this study conducted by CDC and if you wanna get right to it, scroll down to the subject heading National Toxicology Program Conclusions:  What did the NTP conclude?

Good news, now you can make chili without the canned stuff, so check out the recipe!  Homegrown Vegetarian Chili


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