Health WorshipTruthfully, this is something that I’m passionate about and I am so happy to share this with you.  So many of you have inspired me to seek more, be more creative and to live with a purpose.  I want to thank you all for your questions, contributions and support!  Ok, for those of you who don’t know, my name is Faith….doesnt the name say it all?!!  I believe in happiness, I believe in passion, and I believe in the human spirit.  If fed and kept well, the human spirit can achieve miraculous things  and create the most beautiful visions.  I also believe in food for energy, rebuilding and healing.  This site is for you to give you body what it needs to promote healing…whether the healing be it physical, spiritual, mental, or emotional.  With that being said, let me be the first to introduce: HavF8th
Longevity with vitality is what life is all about!  Raw foods aren’t just salads, nuts and berries…and healing isn’t only found at your local pharmacy, but perhaps a farmacy 😉  It’s a lost art that when eaten or utilized, will activate your taste buds and stimulate you at the cellular level!  Here, your eyes will see delicious trickery, your mind will think impossibility, but your body will thank you tremendously!  

Welcome ❤

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