Special Thanks

545763_585475376160_1572153241_nI would like to thank my mom and dad for raising someone who is so inquisitive and for allowing my questions to be answered, in childhood, without ridicule…that plays a big role as to who I am today.  Thanks to my sis for being patient with me.  You have more patience in your pinky finger, than I have in my whole being.  I value that and value you for giving me that.  Thanks to “lil’ (not so lil) “D”, your a quiet soul, but you’ve got a lot of fire and drive in you!  You left home (MO) well before I did.  I just left in 2009 and believe I was in my early 30s….yet here you are, doing it on your own!  You’ve become such an astounding man, it makes an Aunt proud…so thank you for making my heart smile!  Speaking of smile…Ms. Aniya, you have a very unique sense of style that I love!  Your creativity speaks volumes!! Continue to push the envelop a lil bit and don’t doubt yourself, because God has given you a good sense of self!  Grani..Grani..Grani, I feel like I have so much to thank you for!  Thank you for keeping things real with me, while being supportive and making me learn from my own mistakes.  I feel the best lessons are learned when you fail or disappoint. Last but not least “Big D”, man you already know how to keep me laughing! Just mention the time mom told you to drink baking soda and water….OMG, LMAO!!! Too daggon funny, you really know how to keep me laughing…Thank You!

Ive been seriously asking questions of soul significant things for over the last 20yrs and I find that there are answers to most of my questions:) So on this journey of self, I just want to give this big shoutout to my family for instilling faith in me, for raising an independent and self-sufficient woman and for allowing me to be me….Free!

Thanks Family ♥ ~Faith~

One thought on “Special Thanks

  1. This is very much appreciated. We love you and admire you. You are a JOY to be around and we look forward to being with you. Sometimes you come up with things that surprise us, so we just HANG ON and see where we all land. LOL. It is a blessing from God to have you in our lives.

    By the way, I was just trying to help Big Dee when I gave him that baking soda for his stomach. I thought if a little worked, more would be better. I had no idea that it would keep him in the bathroom. LOL


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